Media Training

The Executive Reboot

Hey! Is the world coming at you with a brand new opportunity? Are you heading back into the work place after hanging out for a while?

If so….it’s time for a “reboot.”

Whether you are stepping back, or stepping into a new position…or maybe simply looking to boost your competitive edge, our Executive Reboot is an investment in your personal brand.

In just one business day, Gail Yancosek Consulting will build on the skills you already have … and teach you the skills you need to develop. From a concise resume, a stunning, professional headshot… to deftly handling questions from the press, our training will leave you confident and reinvigorated. We’ll set up mock panels and videotape potential presentations so you can grow more confident in your on-the-spot dialogue.

As television executives and on-air reporters, we know what we’re talking about and how it all works.

And we’ll make sure you do, too.

Our services include:

  • On-Camera Media Training
  • Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Updates and Rewrites for CV, LinkedIn and other social/professional networking sites
  • Social Media Training
  • Still Photography
  • Stylist/Wardrobe Consultation
  • Makeup Consultation

All of these services can be delivered individually or as a full package that includes follow up consultation.